While about 70 percent of all houses sold or rented apartments are mediated by a real estate agent in the United States, although mediated by brokers in Germany, the property interest is much lower, but even here the real estate industry is a continuously growing and especially to constantly changing market.
A real estate agent provides, in effect, the link between the supply and demand. If you want to sell or rent a property, and not the time or the expertise has himself to take care of it, turn to a broker, the sighting, the assessment and especially the placement of the object takes over for him.
He applies it for example via the Internet, through newspaper advertisements or directly with a potential tenant. Furthermore, he also advises individuals or companies that are looking for a property to rent or buy by presenting them exposés, property inspections organized or forwards it directly to the owner.
So if for the profession of estate agent decides finds himself in an incredibly exciting and rapidly expanding, but also a time consuming and highly competitive job market. Not only is the commercial and the ability to satisfy the needs and requirements of its customers are the focus of his employment.
In addition, an agent must always keep an eye on the market and know exactly about the specific real estate law. On this website we aim to bring you an interesting and profitable profession in all its aspects in more detail.
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It’s crazy: On Wolfgang Meyer’s desk, the requests Property seekers stack. “But Do I have to like the needle in a haystack search,” he says.
Meyer (name changed by the editor) is real estate agent in Munich, Germany’s most umkämpftestem real estate market. When it comes to the highest purchase price or the most expensive rents, on the Isar they are paid, and often more than that. “There are always buyers who already explained during the tour that they like five to ten percent more than the actual purchase price offer, just so I present the seller as solvente candidates, “says the broker who sometimes even decide between competing bidders must.
That sounds like a fat commissions – after all, can, according to real estate association IVD, expect Agents in Bavaria with six per cent of the purchase price. But the market is almost empty, Meyer said. “Who in Munich home ownership, there are her only when he has to,” said the broker.
One way or at least something like the situation is in other housing markets: in these popular areas of Berlin Mitte and Kreuzberg as, in Hamburg Altona around or at the Alster lake or in Frankfurt Westend.The list goes on and on long. “People flock primarily where it jobs in association with quality of life -sprich shops, but also cultural offerings – are,” says Reiner Braun, CEO of Empirica Institute, examines the property locations. In general, there are – with exceptions in the Ruhr area – rather the cities where space is limited.
Also, brokers are looking
Agents, it goes to the coveted locations not much different from their customers: You must look for new objects in order to meet the demand. Meyer in which it tries to possess many properties. At the annual meeting of the Munich owners club house and land he has distributed handouts. Their tenor: If you want to sell your house fast without stress – I’ll help. The response rate was moderate.
In a similar low supply such as brokers Meyer also around 20 interested buyers have encountered the uro on behalf of € on Sunday an apartment’re looking to buy them. The editors wanted to know how the supraregional German real estate agent to work, and to find out which apartment seekers can expect buyers in Germany.Together with the German customers Institute (DKI), the editors of € uro on Sunday the anonymous test customers sent.
The Beuteschema was a condo that does not need to be rehabilitated, with 90 to 110 square meters size, with terrace or balcony. The city should be reached in 20 minutes by car. For this purpose, the tester initially called the real estate agents some search criteria and asked for a written synopsis of their search to find suitable properties. The visits took place at eight focal points of the German real estate boom: in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart.
To sort the results of more than 250 customer contacts, three categories were formed. In the category of “offer” was compared to a variety of services that offer the studied real estate brokers to their customers; on the other, existing at the time of the survey tender has been accepted at various purchase and rental properties. The information required for the evaluation were collected through a survey among providers and additional internet research. Here it was, as in the other two categories, more than one third of the total score can be achieved.
In the category of “expertise” the expertise of the real estate agent was evaluated. This area includes, for example, staff training and membership of a professional or trade association. It was also rated as detailed, understandable and spontaneously brokers were able to answer the questions on the test questions viewings customers.The testers were instructed to ask questions not only the state of the object, the household and the previous owner, but also to ask for energetic aspects such as the consumption of electricity and heating energy specifically. The criteria considered here have been collected by the provider survey and by the test customers.